Wednesday, July 4, 2012


We had a wonderful week of VBS immediately following our return from Indiana.  We spent Saturday recooperating and Sunday decorating the classroom.  I had a purely amazing team to work with so it made our week especially great.

Amazing Wonders Aviation

The best class to teach! least in my eyes.
   Memory verses for the week:
Our waterfall + Jordan river. Bible study:  We took turns telling the Bible story.  Kane did an amazing job as Joshua telling the story of God stopping the Jordan river.  I told the story of Daniel in the lion's den the next day and Jennifer dressed as Mary Magdalene and told a dramatic story of Chris's life, death, burial, and resurrection.

Preparing for craft time.

Jennifer and I were blessed to have Kane working with us.  He has grown into a fine, godly man.  The neat part?  Check out this picture below of my first 3rd + 4th grade boys VBS class at this church:

That's Kane in the tan shirt.  I taught this class of rambunctious boys as a young college student.  It's neat to see these boys grow up and God work in their lives. 

Keagan + Brandon Tyler + Stephen   They're favorite part, of course, was game time. Music led by Luarel, Robin, and Raven--they did a great job! Gym play: the boys loved playing dodge ball every day. Snacks VBS Youth

Ivory loved going to her VBS class every day.  She loved the stories, snacks, crafts, music, friends, and teachers.  Micah was hesitant about going to class, but enjoyed it once he got there and wanted to stay as long as he didn't see Mommy.  

I'm so grateful for the wonderful preschool teachers my kids have!
After the missions video ended one day Micah looked at the missions teacher, Anitra, and says, "That was a good movie."  Love it.

I couldn't have asked for anyone sweeter then Mrs. Bonnie to watch my little Korban.
Korban did great with Mrs. Bonnie.  In fact, on the last day he didn't even cry and immediately reach for me when he saw me.  That is a minor miracle.  We love Mrs. Bonnie!
Practice for VBS family night. We had a packed house for VBS family night and the kids did a fabulous job! 
Ivory did *all* the motions and sang her little heart out.  I was so proud of my front and center little preschool star! =)  Micah...well, he went on a nap strike on Friday so was crashing by the time the program began and decided to just yawn as he rested in Cassie's arms.  That boy of mine...let's just say as fun as VBS was, it was not fun at home with Micah man.  Between the screaming, tantrums, kicking, hitting, "NO!"s, nap strikes, etc. we had quite the time of it.  Made the week seem twice as long.  But, it was worth it.

Sweet moment, Ivory told me that she swapped balloons with Izzy because she wanted the pink balloon so Ivory took her red balloon.  It helps that Ivory now likes red, but pink is still her favorite color.  I was so glad she shared!  And the lesson that day was on the Good Samaritan and being kind.  I think she got it, Cassie!

Another cute story.  Micah fell down and was crying.  One of the little girls said, "Oh, I know just what to do!"  She grabbed her little doctor bag they made in craft time and went and put her band aid on Micah.  She remembered kindness from the Good Samaritan story and shared her precious band aid.  Love it!

Speaking of girls, apparently on Monday Micah followed Emily (a beautiful little girl with long curls) around all morning.  He also was seen gazing intently with his tongue hanging out at pretty Miss Laurel + Miss Raven.  He is definitely a little ladies man.

We had 10 salvations, with one being from my class!  So excited to see the decisions made for Christ and the discipleship and growth within the other students.  I was personally challenged in many areas as well.  Thankful that we never grow too old to learn at VBS.

Ivory rockin' out in her daddy's VBS classroom before class one day:

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