Wednesday, July 4, 2012

USA Independence Day

Today I'm blessed to share with Ivory what an honor it is to be a United States Citizen.  She's excited about everything having to do with the 4th of July--including her 4th of July dress from Mom.  Ivory *really* wanted to wear red today to celebrate the 4th and looking through her wardrobe we quickly realized she had nothing red to wear in celebration.  So, I made a quick, fun little dress (stained white t-shirt + fabric scraps) this morning.  I just love that Ivory is at the age where she adores everything Mom makes for her.  I know that time will end all to soon so I'm soaking it up while I can!  While she loves what I make...she definitely has an opinion about the details. Hence, the bow placement. 

Here's to hoping your day is full of smiles,

good accessories,  flying fun,


good food + giggles,  
but most of all gratefulness.  Gratefulness that our founding fathers gave up their position + wealth to found this country on principle.  Gratefulness for those who still do so today.  Gratefulness that we can worship in freedom however we choose.  Prayers for those across the world who can not enjoy these same freedoms.

These are all things I'm clinging to remember as our family day fun seems to have quickly evaporated with exhaustion, fussy baby, changed plans, headaches, and disappointmenets.  While the day might not be as "perfect" as I'd hoped, we are all still healthy, free, and blessed.  Many people would love to have just a fraction of what we experience + taked for granted daily.  Most of all, I praise God for the freedom found in Christ--so glad that nothing + no person can take this away.

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