Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crisis Pregnancy Center

Remember this post about the baby blankets?  Well, my team delivered the goods to the Crisis Pregnancy Center yesterday.  The students toured the facility where they learned about how the Center helps pregnant women with counseling, training, and provisions.  It was also a chance for them to ask any questions they have.  I was very proud of how polite and interested my team was for this visit.  I was also glad that half my team could make it!  Missed the others, but was still really pleased with the turn out.  I love my PINK team. 

Oh, and I have Ivory trained to say "Go Pink Team!" every time she wears pink.  She even begs to wear pink to show her support.  Love that kid.

The goods:

Handmade blankets:

Handmade baby shoes:

We were glad Sierra's sweet little Alonah could join us for the trip. She's seriously one of the BEST behaved babies ever. She was a little angel the whole trip.

Trey wasn't sure about getting his picture taken...

...but then he decided to cooperate. (sorry about the blurry photos...I was standing on a moving bus...)

The rest of the crew.  Mommas would be proud of the 3 in the back.  Upon picking them up after school they immediately pulled out their math books, formed a little study group, and got to work finishing up their math homework.  Impressive, no?

Jason and I with our fabulous teens at the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

If you have any questions about the Center, need help of any kind, or want to make a donation of your own feel free to contact me or call the center directly at 850.526.4673.  They are completely non-profit and rely solely on donations.  They are fabulous to work with and truly care about each person that comes to their Center for help. 

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