Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The family that coughs together...

Yes, we are still sick.  We had false hopes of being on the mend Monday...but Tuesday thinks started going downhill again.  Now Jason has the fever, body aches, chills, etc.  One plus--lots of snuggles!

Even if some of those snuggles do come at midnight...

The big excitement in town Sat morning.

An older man apparently ran into a power pole and snapped it in 3 places. The boom was tremendous! Thankfully, he was not badly hurt.
Our pitiful sick ones

Look at those pitiful eyes

The boys pre-sickness. Poor Dad & Jason caught the flu bug.

Here's to hoping & praying we're all better soon!

Another positive: delicious chicken tortilla soup from a friend & delicious home cooked meals by my mother.  Thank you Lord for good cooks, generous friends, and wonderful family.  We are blessed.


Only Prettier said...

we have it too....hope your bunch is better soon!

Melissa said...

So THAT'S what the boom was! As soon as I heard it (because I feel like I hear them more often than I would like!) I was like, "There goes the power!" but it stayed on. Glad no one was hurt.