Friday, February 18, 2011

Playtime with Friends

Tuesday night our house looked like this:

The kids were SO good. Moms, you should be proud.

We had so much fun.

Throughout the day Ivory will randomly spout off "Zekeisms." "Zeke Zeke says, (nonsense words of some kind)..."

Micah Man was in awe of all the big kids and loved their attention. We kept him in this most of the night for his own safety.

The other day I called Micah a baby and Ivory replied, "He's not a BABY, he's Micah Man!"

Addie was wide-eyed most of the night. Ivory & Caleb's rambunctious behavior could leave anyone wide-eyed...
Addie was very polite and sweet, showing off her good manners.

Addie was Jason's buddy. She asked him to sit next to her.

The girls had craft time with Jason.

Addie enjoyed posing for the camera more then crafting.

But, she did glue some shapes Jason cut out onto a paper all by herself. Don't worry, Mom, she didn't use any scissors.

I thought 5 kids would be super crazy, but really, they played by themselves really well with only slight intervention.  It was lots of fun and we look forward to having them again.

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