Thursday, February 17, 2011


Okay, so I'm not above begging.  I'm begging you to pray for my family.  Micah seemed to be getting better, but as of Saturday regressed.  Calling the pediatrician for Micah.  Jason's cough has come back and he's not been sleeping well at night.  He's been on meds for 9 days.  He should be getting better, not worse.  Calling the doctor for Jason.  I was better for a week and now congestion has returned.  So tired.  DO NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN. 

So, yes, I'm begging. 

Please pray for us. 

I'm not ready to be quarantined and miserable again.  Well, gotta run, Ivory's just woken up crying and coughing...better go get her.  Micah's coughing, crying, and crawling trying to get to his sister...he does that now.  Cries as he crawls to her door when he hears her wake up in the morning.  So cute.

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Linda said...

Praying, Lee Ann!