Monday, February 21, 2011

What's on Your Phone?

Excited about something...

Taken for Addie's mommy to assure her Addie was doing great! I know I love getting text pics/videos of my kids when I'm away from them.

Ivory & Micah on our grocery trip last Thursday. They were both little angels. SO sweet and well behaved. Made this momma proud. And all this while Micah had a terrible ear infection. He's such a sweet boy.

They held hands most of the ride.

Sometimes I'd look over and Micah would be resting his little hand on Ivory's leg. Ivory fed him some of her cereal sample. Such a big helper and so sweet to share.

Ivory making me a pizza...a sand pizza.

Ivory singing Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning Brother Mike was talking about how incredible the moon is (which Ivory loved since she adores the moon) and he said, "I mean, how GREAT is our GOD!"  Ivory got so excited up in the balcony and started quietly singing it to daddy and mommy.  She *loves* that song.

Ivory goes around the house singing all the time now. I. love. it.

Pictures like this from my northern friends make me especially grateful for our barefoot, sunshine weather.

A close-up of the cutie in the wagon, Timothy.

More pictures of Aunt Mel's INCREDIBLE cakes.

Special Agent Oso


Melissa said...

That purse is a CAKE?!

Timothy said...

and to think Tim and I went for a walk in that wagon 2 wks later in 65 degree weather! crazy IN weather.

Anonymous said...

That purse is all cake!