Saturday, February 12, 2011

Slow Saturday

Ivory helping mommy get Micah up from his morning nap.

Playing with Grandma & Grandpa's Anniversary balloon.  My amazing, sacrificial parents spent their Anniversary taking care of our sick family.  Jason and I got them a balloon and rose to demonstrate the tiniest token of our gratefulness for not only these past few weeks, but for their lifetime of dedication to one another and family.  Mom and Dad, you're inspiring.  How we love you.

A little overwhelmed by all the sister loving.

Enjoying the gorgeous sunshine and warmth.  BEAUTIFUL weather today.

Spring tease.

Videoing little brother.

Daddy leaving with his youth team to lead a backyard Bible school.  Ivory LOVES riding the church bus and was hoping to ride on it.  Not today.  She handled her disappointment well.  This time.

Decorating the tree.

Ivory changed my camera settings while I wasn't looking.  I wondered why the photos coloring suddenly turned so strange...

Well, I'm off.  Trying to will myself out of the nap and into my Valentine's project...

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