Saturday, February 12, 2011


One day Micah and I are at home alone and Micah starts looking around the room like he’s trying to find someone. I ask him, “are you looking for Ivory?” He turns his head and looks right at me. “And dada?” He then starts chanting, “Dadadadada” very excitedly.

Ivory, “What in the WORLD? There’s a RAISIN in this drawer. What in the WORLD!” (her newest line she quotes often)

Every week of late from Ivory, “Guess who’s coming this weekend??? Grandaddy & Nana!! They’re done working! And tomorrow I wake up and they be here! They come to see me!” (we haven’t told her anything of the sort, wishful thinking at it’s best)

We are at a friend’s house playing and the little girl disobeys and goes in the other room with mommy for a consequence. She comes back in the room and Ivory says, “It’s your own fault, Addie.” Still working on compassion…

One night putting Ivory to bed and praying for her I get all choked up and tears start running down my eyes. Ivory reaches up, touches them and quietly asks, “You sad? Your eyes running?” She then leans in, and gives me a gentle hug and wipes the tears away. So precious.

Ivory now asks me to pray for her every night and now enjoys saying prayers on her own about people who are sick or to thank God for them, or whatever else is on her little mind. We’ve been praying a lot for our family to get better and last week she wanted to pray for Bella to feel better. I told her Bella was okay but she could pray for her if she wanted. She was determined to pray for Bella to feel better. A few days later my sister texts to ask how we’re feeling and shares that Bella was sick last week. Ivory, right on. Need prayer? Call Ivory.

Ivory constantly says, “a little bit” these days. “I hot. Maybe a little bit.” “You cold maybe a little bit?” or “I little bit sad. You little bit sad?”

Ivory, “Micah can’t have tootsie pop? He too little? When he get big (excitement mounting in her voice) he get tootsie pop and syrup and honey! And he eat pancakes! With syrup!!”

Ivory walks into the room and hands Grandma the wooden spoon and says, “This is Lee Ann’s.”

Ivory tossing her head showing off her new haircut, “I just flip it a little bit.” as she flips her head to the side with girlish delight.

Ivory waking up, “Grandaddy sleep all day! And I sleep with him. I was sleeping in Micah’s crib.” She explains this like fact. Ivory, “Did you maybe have a dream?” Ivory, “Ya, maybe little bit.”

Ivory going to bed, “I all alone. Jesus not in my heart. He maybe crawled out a little bit.”

Reading Jamberry with Ivory and we turn to the page with all the blueberries falling from the sky (this girl LOVES blueberries), “Check it OUT!!” Later in our reading, “You want a blackberry? Yes? Okay, I pick you one.” She then “picks” a blackberry for me from the page and feeds it to me. “You want a strawberry? Okay, I find you one.” She feeds me a strawberry, blueberry, and then a squirrel berry.

Ivory asks if she can hold Micah’s hands to help him stand. They “dance” together then Ivory sits down and Micah’s head goes into her lap. As he lays it there Ivory wraps her arm around him, hugs him, gives him a kiss on the head and says, “Aw, I love you, buddy!” Melt my heart.

Ivory and daddy reading a book where little kids keep trying to stay awake and the Dad is coming in the room to get them back in bed, Jason asks Ivory before reading what pay says, “What do you think he’s going to say when he comes in?” Ivory whispers, “I love you?” (it’s really, “'No,' says Dad”) I love that she thinks the dad would say this because that’s what her daddy whispers in her ear so often.

Ivory, “What in the WORLD?! I just heard a jet! What in the WORLD!”

Ivory often walks up to Micah, gets down on the floor to look him in the face and says, “Hey little man! Whatcha doin’ little buddy?” Huge smiles back and forth. They also laugh back and forth at each other very loudly almost daily.

One morning Micah and I are awake in the living room and he’s happily playing on the floor. He hears his sister wake up in her room and talking to herself in bed and he starts to cry crawling to her door to get to her.

Pa complimenting Ivory on her white hat Ivory responds, “You can’t SEE it!”

Jason & I coming in from a date night, Ivory’s in bed but wants Mommy to kiss her goodnight. Jason and I walk in the room and she bounces up on her bed. “Mommy & Daddy are you back from Can-a-da?!” She then proceeds to tell us that Aunt Debi, Uncle, Ben, Carter and Larissa are coming from Canada to see her! (there are no plans for them to come visit soon…)

Mommy rocking Ivory back in the forth in the rocking chair she leans in and whispers, “I love you!” I give her a big smile she moves my arms and says, “Excited?” She wanted me to move my arms in front of me and shake with excitement. Mommy putting Ivory in bed whispers, “I love you.” Ivory moves her whole body so she can put her arms in front of her and shake with excitement to show how much she loves it.

Ivory looks at the digital clock in her room that says 9:08, "I see a B!  And an 0.  And a 9.  And you turn it and it's a 6!"

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Darla said...

hilarious! I love the "crawled out a little bit" line, hahah!!