Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Visit with Grandparents

Grandaddy (Jason's dad) + Mamaw (Jason's grandma, his mom's mom).

Nana (Jason's mom), Matthew (Jason's brother), Jason.

Mini Jason.  Jason's mom says, "That's Jason!"  =)

Rocks, leaves, fun.  Who needs toys?  I told Ivory to pack a few of her favorite toys in her princess tin purse to take with her.  The tin contained: plastic disposable cup, 2 scoops, a scrap of pink stretchy fabric.  And she was happier with that selection then any toys I've ever packed for her.  Love this girl.

Micah getting some Mamaw loving.  Love that my children have 2 godly great grandmas.  So special.

Ivory & Grandaddy taking a picture of mommy taking a picture.

Jason's parents were returning from Mississippi and heading home so we met up at Mamaw's to see them for a few hours.  We were so glad to see them, even if it was a short visit.  Hoping they'll coming visit us soon for a little bit longer stay!

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