Monday, August 15, 2011

Surprise Package

One day we received a surprise package in the mail.  Gymboree?  I don't remember odering anything from Gymboree...Opened it up to find two adorable outfits complete with accessories for my little tikes!  I looked carefully to find it was ordered by my Aunt Sabrina and family.  How incredibly sweet and thoughtful of hert!  What a pleasant surprise.  Who doesn't love surprise packages with such cuteness inside?  Thank you Aunt Sabrina & Uncle Jerry!  Wanted to show you pics of the kids in their adorable little outfits.

Micah wasn't too impressed with a photo shoot...

While Micah isn't crazy about hats, I think they're adorable.  And we were in need of one for beach trips as he had outgrown the one he wore last summer.  This one is perfect because it includes a chin strap so he can't take it off! 

He cheered up when I took his hat off

...and didn't quite smile but at least looked at me.

Ivory's little matching bows are adorable.  She also received a super cute wide pink headband and that she adores.  She wants to carry it around with her everywhere and takes it on and off, on and off, on and off...who knew a headband could provide so much entertainment?

Thanks again for our surprise gift--we love it!  Most of all, we're touched by your incredible thoughtfulness and sweet generosity.

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