Thursday, August 11, 2011

Laundry Soap - DIY

Today we tried our hand at making some homemade laundry detergent. Easy Peasy. I purchased all the ingredients on (if you order is at least $39 = free 1-2 day shipping! I highly recommend this site and it's sister site You can order from both sites at the same time and they'll combine the orders from each site to your total price.). I've heard the supplies can also be found at Wal*Mart.

Homemade Laundry Detergent

My excellent helpers enthusiastically stirring...and making music with the spoon on the bowl.

They stirred quite thoroughly. My counters & floors displayed their enthusiasm.

Recycled peanut container fit two batches. Tried it on my first load today. We'll see how it goes!

This little helper even washed dishes with Mom afterwards.

While I worked on other chores around the house the kids played hide 'n seek, chased each other, tickled each other, layed on the floor laughing, and were all around AdoRabLe. They grow cuter and cuter playing together. We have plenty of fights and melt downs that accompanies the cuteness, but the joy & giggles are becoming more frequent then the tears. Praise God! I pray they will always be good friends and value their family.

We've also been a little under the weather for about a week now. Micah got sick first and decided to share it with Mommy & then Ivory. So far Dad is skating by and we're glad. Just hoping the nose blowing demonstrated below soon comes to an end:

We also lost our air conditioning the middle of Saturday night so we spent most of the day and that night with our ever-hospitable Pastor's family. They came and fixed our air asap the next morning. We all ran to town and spent the day running errands and gratefully returned to a cool home. Then I went to a ladies meeting at church. Came home to a home that seemed to be ... warming. Broke. Again. Too late too call. Head to the Pastor's trip 2. Thankfully, they again came to fix our air quickly next morning. Did I mention the pastor's house is in remodel through all this? Bro Mike & Mrs. Robin were sleeping in the living room, their furniture scattered throughout the house, saws running, floor laying, etc. Yet, they still welcomed us + our wee curious ones. I'm so glad we're all like family. Thursday = the air is still running--Praise God for cool air and our own beds!

This week has welcomed unexpected "adventure", but we've still been able to a lot accomplished. Ivory found our big "sleepover" to be extremely exciting. Jason and I were excited that she was sleeping with Cassie when we heard her wake at 6:30AM...Micah was much more gracious waiting until 7:30AM to wake Mom & Dad. Thanks, Cassie!

Post soon to come with a few sneak peeks at Ivory's upcoming party decor!

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