Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saturday Fun

Woke up to beautiful blue skies.

So, doused the area with bug spray, lit some citronella candles, filled up the baby pool and geared up for some outdoor Saturday morning fun.

The kids were so excited to spend some time outside that they actually let us sit, relax and sip some coffee for a little while.  Notice our little dog...

It actually wasn't too hot before noon.  We weren't drowning in our own sweat. 

Ivory is fascinated with the pear tree behind the church.  She talks about picking them all the time.

They're hard and a little chewy, but they taste pretty good.

Ivory adores picking them, whether they're big enough or not.

First taste

Big bite

Look of satisfaction.

Buckets of Ivory's treasures.

The yellow leaves are Ivory's "bananas."

Micah, our good little cook.

Now onto shoveling some dirt

Hard workin' man

Glad to enjoy some outdoor weather as a family.

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