Wednesday, August 3, 2011


July 2011

Jason and Ivory playing legos when Ivory sits down, crosses her arms and looks upset. Jason asks Ivory, “Why are you sad & frustrated all of a sudden? Ivory, “Because I’m just good like that.”

Ivory starts taking her dolls clothes off and looks at Mom & Aunt Mel and says, “She doesn’t need modesty anymore. I can take her dress off.” At lunch we had convinced her to keep the dolls clothes on to be modest…guess we’ll keep working on the modesty lessons.

Grandma: I was very impressed that Ivory knew what the name for each coin is. So, I asked her "What do you do with money?" Ivory’s response "Give it to the bank , Jesus, Dad for his wallet."

Grandpa: “Changed your daughter’s name, she is officially Magpie 2.0.”

Ivory explaining to daddy that she didn’t want her hair thing to come out because she wanted it to be her ponytail, “If it comes out I’ll be a ragamauffin and I will be the muffin man.”

Ivory: “Mommy, do I look like a muffin girl? (referringto Mom calling her a ragamuffin when her hair is a mess)

Micah is in the phase of coming up to sister and hitting her, pulling her hair, etc. to get her attention. So cute….sister doesn’t think so, though, for some reason.

Micah walking into the kitchen, “Hi, Mom.”

August 2011

Mommy: “Ivory did you have fun with Cassie tonight?”
Ivory: “Yes, a little bit. Then you had to come. I didn’t want you to come.”
Glad to know she’s so traumatized when we leave her…=)

Micah loves walking up behind Daddy & “scaring” him. He belly laughs so hard when daddy “screams” with fright.

Cassie: “Ivory do you want to have a sister?”
Ivory: “No, not yet. Just a brother.”
Two days later at the doctor’s office the nurse asks Ivory if she’s having a brother or sister.
Ivory, “A sister.”
Mom: “What? No, Ivory what’s in Mommy’s tummy a boy or girl?”
Ivory, “A girl!”
Crazy girl.

Ivory’s new favorite line, “Okaaay, if you say so!”

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