Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crafting Fun

Ivory received lots of fun crafting supplies for her birthday and she's definitely putting them to good use.  She has crafted every day since her birthday!  She's made some cards with daddy & mommy for special people in her life.  The card below is a happy birthday card for Nana who's birthday was Monday.

Yesterday Melissa sweetly watched the kids so I could go to the doctor for a baby #3 check-up.  When I was getting ready Micah began crying knowing I was leaving.  I assured him we'd be together a little longer and I was taking him to Addie's house.  He got so excited at the mention of Addie's name.  As I walked up to the door to pick the kids up I could hear them giggling and laughing from outside.  When I entered the house Ivory immediately cries, "Can I stay?!"  Micah sweetly smiled and began yelling, "Mamamamama!" as he reached for me.  The kids had so much fun and apparently displayed hearty appetites eating lots of snacks and lunch by the time I picked them up.  Can I just say how nice it was to not have to come home and fight the lunch battle?  It's also nice to know I can leave the kids with someone who I know loves on them and where they'll have lots of fun.  For a few pics of their play time click here.  As we were leaving Addie began crying, as she does when all people leave (makes you feel like such special guests!) and Ivory was very concerned.  "Addie is crying!  She doesn't want me to leave.  I'm so sorry that she's crying.  When the paint dries (Sabian's been painting outside) we can go back and see Addie and play and I will bring her a card."  So, when we got home we made her a card thanking her for the fun birthday present and play time.  I love that Ivory is becoming more thoughtful and less selfish as she matures.

To house Ivory's art supplies I made a little princess craft bag inspired by this post (and this one).

I love how Susan used bias tape around the edges of hers, but I was attempting to keep it quick, simple and cheap, so I opted for simple zig-zagged edges.  Next time I may even try a decorative stitch on my machine.  If I were gifting it I would use bias tape.  I used an unopened shower curtain liner I had on hand for the plastic part, but it wasn't as sturdy as I thought.  We'll see how it holds up.  Next time I'll plan to use a sturdier shower curtain liner or actually purchase some simple vinyl from the fabric store.

Now I just need to make more, probably smaller, to house the rest of her colored pencil twistables & crayons, washable markers, foam stickers, and other misc crafting supplies.  Maybe while I'm at it I'll make some for the Micah's hot wheels, army men, and small pirates.

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Melissa said...

Sweet words! We had a lot of fun playing. LOVE those bags...I may have to place an order :) After October, of course! Glad Ivory is having fun with her supplies.