Friday, August 19, 2011

Ivory Turns 3

Quiet house awaiting the birthday girl's arising.

Birthday card from the family created by Daddy.

Balloon love.

Birthday phone calls.

Donut shop breakfast with some of her favorite people.

**Jason received a call from the donut shop this morning asking us to come by as they had cupcakes ready for Ivory. Last month Ivory told them it was her birthday soon, "18 August" and Mr. Mitchell (owner) said he'd remember that. Sure enough--they did! When we arrived there was a balloon and six cupcakes waiting in her honor. How sweet is that?! LOVE us some donut shop. The night before Ivory's birthday I asked her what she wanted to do on her birthday and where she wanted to go. Her reply, "The donut shop!" So, to the donut shop we went. Ivory and Micah "visit" the donut shop with their baby stroller nearly every day. According to Ivory she gets a donut and Micah Man gets a chicken biscuit (something we've never ordered there and I didn't even know they sold until this morning...but apparently that's what Micah always "asks" for).

Indoor picnic lunch as a family per her request (minus Micah who was napping).

Grandma & Grandpa arrived after lunch and brought goodies, hugs, smiles, and gummies!!
Then, dinner at Pepper's! Where, sadly, there was no mariachi band this Thursday night. ((frown)) We were hoping for a birthday song! Oh well, the queso and company was still delish!

Surprise presents left on the front porch. This one was in a huge princess bag. "A BIG princess present!!!" Thank you Mrs. Donna & Lyndsey!  She was super excited!

This surprise present was left by Mrs. Melanie & Mr. Jeff--and she LOVES it!

Overall, a really special birthday--and we haven't even had the party yet!  Stay tuned for more party pictures.  Turning 3 is a big deal, you know.

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