Saturday, August 6, 2011

Evening At The Beach

Thursday evening we packed up and headed to the beach with daddy as soon as he got off work. In the summer, that's the best beach time. No need for sunscreen and we beat the oppressive heat. We brought along a kid from church, Caden.

Love watching little man toddle down the beach.

The water is super warm, which is okay in the evenings, but too hot for refreshing when the middady sun is at its brightest.

Lovin' the crunchy, shelly sand.

"Look Micah Man, look!"

Look, Mom!

Couldn't decide which face is cuter!

My view these days: (I can still see--and reach--my toes!)

As Jason would say, "Baby sure is growing!" Yes, he's smooth like that.

I actually had energy at the beach this evening (that's without a nap and only one small cup of coffee!) and could run, play, and swim with the kids. Boy did it feel good! This energy-sapping pregnancy is killing me. I am learning to be grateful that this is not the norm for me and that I am healthy and the kids are very patient with their always-tired-mommy.

Lots and lots of shells along the shoreline today--very entertaining for kids of ALL ages.

Micah enjoyed most of the trip until he started crashing about an hour into our stay. Then Mommy enjoyed a beach stroll cuddling him with Ivory splashing through the water beside me. Daddy enjoyed some good swim snuggles when we got back from our walk.

Chasing little ones

Baby tickles + giggles = pure joy

Being chased by little ones

Love that belly!

Caden enjoying the beach with us. He found the beach to be quite exciting as we dug up numerous small mussels, discovered many unique shells, dug up a large sand flea, snagged a jellyfish in a bucket, and dug up a large ghost crab.

Those eyes.

"Mommy, will you sit with me?"

Micah digs like a little dog in the sand.

We saw quite a few jellyfish on our beach outing, this one Caden snagged from the ocean.

Love the awe and wonder of children--especially mine.

"Look, Mom, I'm a rhino!"

Do little girls come any cuter?!

Exploring crab holes

Didn't get any pictures of the crab since I took over holding Micah at this point so daddy could dig up a large crab for the kids.

Enjoying the sunset with our little ones before packing up and heading home.

Praise God for quality family time, gorgeous beaches, and stunning sunsets.

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