Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dancing with Cinderella

Ivory walks into the living room from playing dress-up with Cassie approaches Daddy and says, "Want to dance with me Prince Charming?" (my heart = puddle) Daddy, of course, immediately swoops her up and begins dancing with her. As he begins dancing fast and fun she looks at him as she sweetly presses her cheek to his saying, "Sloooow." Too sweet.

Micah immediately begins dancing around, too. So, of course, Mommy has to swoop that little man up and dance with him. Although, he definitely favors the fast dancing. It wasn't long before all of us were breaking it down together.

I love these moments. They make the hard moments bearable. And believe me, we have plenty of those. I don't choose to record or photograph many of those moments. Not that I don't want to accurately portray our life, but it's a concious choice on my part to keep perspective. While I can't wish away the difficulties, I can choose not to focus on them. Some days I'm better at that then others. The moments captured above were one of those times that put life in perspective.

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