Monday, April 30, 2012

What's On Your Phone

Nothing much sweeter then sleeping little ones. Korban fell asleep in Daddy's arms during the Holy Week Service. Ivory got to be a big girl and wear Mommy's make-up. Love my silly boy and my sugar + spice girl. Our teenagers sold oranges to raise support for their missions trip to Nicaragua this summer. Puzzle fun with the family. Korban love! Pre-Resurrection Sunday picnic dinner + Bible story time. Resurrection Sunday Off to celebrate Christ's resurrection. Afternoon bamboo "smore" roasting Candy love Family outing to the mall - not sure which of the three kids enjoyed the coin spinning more. Watching the kids play in the mall's amazing kid play place. Korban was anxious to join the fun. Daddy let him. And the kids were thrilled. So so sweet. Senior sports honor recognition day. So sad to be losing so many of our amazing teens to college. Happy-sad. Ivory trying out Pee Wii's shades. Raven snuggles with Korban. Micah enjoying hanging with John. Love my super girly girl Dirt how I love you. Such hours of entertainment you provide. My husband's lettuce. Family outing to the state park. Family snuggle time pre-nap. Korban growing bigger, rolling, playing, scooching. Green Beans! Ivory + her Barbie that "looks like Nana!" Mr. Smiles Uncle Matt + Korban snuggles Ivory excitedly showing off her magnolia flower...until she got mad and tore it to pieces. Adventure. Wildflower love. Tiny treehouse fun. Daddy has such skills Really? This is necessary? Double date to Pier Park with Pee Wii & Elisabeth + Matt (such a good sport) Uncle Matt + Ivory Sweet Korban Micah pretending to be a baby in the baby swing My old friend + I reunited for a day Dewberries! One excited dewberry picker! More dewberry picking Korban wasn't too impressed with the dewberry picking. Does anyone else get this face when presenting dinner? Feeding the goats at the park! Happy birthday Raven! My dapper little man LeapPad fun Off for a family adventure! Wildflowers + gulf breezes by the bay Enjoying queso dip at our fav Mexican restaurant. Love some Southern sweet tea. Fighting over Korban. We love morning baby snuggles!

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