Friday, April 27, 2012

Dewberry Picking + Morning Snuggles

We have been enjoying picking dewberrys with the kids!  Well, more like the kids watching me pick + eating them almost as fast as I can pick.  The first trip Dad says they were picking like crazy.  Well, the excitement waned and the thorns won the second + third go around with Mom.  Oh well, berry stained fingers + berry bellies still are the best!  And we loved picking enough to share with friends.  Ivory + Korban enjoying some morning snuggles while Daddy was gone over the weekend.  Ivory + Mommy had a little girls sleepover while Daddy was away. Love these sweet, snuggly moments.  So precious + so rare at times. 
Thankfully, they were extra good while daddy was gone + so Mommy was able to maintain her sanity.  Praise God for His blessings big + small!

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