Thursday, April 19, 2012

Micah Man

Micah in October 2011 at 17 months shortly after Korban's entrance into the world when Aunt Debi, our amazing family photographer, came to visit.  Look at those precious chubby cheeks.  He loves his blanket, "elphant" and all stuffed animals for that matter (this includes "fok" (dog) + "sar" (dinosaur)).

images by debra eby photography

Call me sentimental.  I'm amazed by how fast time is flying by these days.  This sweet, blue eyed, rambunctious, "fruck" (truck) + ball + blankie loving, snuggly, wiggly, boy of mine will be two next month.  TWO

images by debra eby photography

A line heard from this little guy throughout most days: "hold you, hold you!" (meaning hold me) I willingly oblige as often as possible knowing these days are fleeting.  One day he will not want mom's snuggles, and let's face it, as a grown man it would be a little strange if he did.  So, I'll savor his "futterfy" (butterfly) kisses, snuggles + pats on the back for as long as I can.  May 20th, don't rush, we're content to stay ONE just a little longer.

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