Friday, April 6, 2012

What's On Your Phone

I realize I've been very absent.  There are many reasons for this, mostly I'm just feeling completely unmotivated.  So, here's my trying to pull my blogging self together and posting about our recent activities for posterity.  Ivory and I are excited about Mom's new cell phone!

We rejoiced with Tim's mom when Tim bravely went down the big slide!  We're also really excited about seeing Tim very soon!!

Before going out of town we squeezed in a play date with Addie and Melissa squeezed in some baby loving.

Micah has cried whenever getting near the Barbie jeep and would just about lose it when he had to ride in it.  But all our little man needed was a ride with daddy.  Then look at how he bravely rides with Addie.  Love this excited expression on my son's face.  Love his daddy, too.

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