Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Over the River + Through the Woods

DISCLAIMER: I forgot my camera and took all these pictures with my cell phone, thus the quality.

Since we missed our last trip and our super good life-long friends (as in since I was a few months old) were coming down we headed down to Grandma + Pa's.  Unfortunately, daddy couldn't make it, but we're grateful he's works so hard to serve the Lord and provide for our family.  Ivory + Micah started out rough but got much better. Korban did a little better on the way there and much better on the way home.  As in only crying an hour and a half as opposed to the normal three + hours. Ivory showing off her mermaid made by team Bella + Ivory + Mommy.  Bella drew the mermaid, Ivory colored it, mommy sewed it, as Ivory would say, "Team work like Wonder Pets!"

We were super excited that Bella + Alex + Auntie Sherri came to see us right away!  Then, Saturday, we had girls day out, Sherri, Alex + I.  While we spent the day shopping Pa + Grandma + Bella entertained my three little ones.  Some of that entertainment involved my son painting his own toenails.  Nice, right?  Not sure which is worse, the color, paint job, or the fact that my son is wearing nail polish.  Love it. Micah enjoying the *adorable* wooden doll house from Mrs. Tess. 
On Friday we were excited to celebrate Dr. Dan's birthday with a fish fry.  I always love visiting there and it was so much fun to show Ivory where Mommy + Daddy got married and explain how Mommy arrived on a boat and left on a jet ski with Daddy.  I spent many a day playing hide 'n seek, king of the hill, climbing trees, shooting practice (air pistol/rifles), Bible study, and heart-to-hearts.  I worked my first job at Dr. Dan's animal clinic cleaning cages + fur + instruments with his two kids and our ever entertaining overseer Mrs. Nancy.  I fondly remember the New Years Eve Danielle and I spent sleeping on the dock listening to fireworks and gazing at the stars while sharing our hearts with one another.  It was my first New Years Eve with a boyfriend.  He called me that night.  My boyfriend who later became my husband on that piece of property and we sped away from that dock on their jet ski.  God used this family in a tremendous way to help shape and mold me.  They've invested so much in me.  Then to bring my children to this very place full of so many wonderful memories almost overwhelms me.  Mrs. Tess has always had a gorgeous yard with beautiful gardens.  I took this picture to text Jason since he appreciates a beautiful garden. Mrs. Tess has chickens.  The only person I know who laughs hysterically at chickens and finds them so incredibly entertaining.  I love this about her.  And I love her chicken coop sign.  Yes, they are the ultimate Southern family.    Cornhole boards make great ramps for toy cars, they are great for running, climbing + jumping, and it is highly entertaining to put the bags in and out of the hole over and over and over and...you get the idea. Mr. Danny is one of their sweet friends.  I remember riding up to Tennessee with his sweet wife Liz (who unfortunately couldn't make it) and the girls very pregant with Ivory to surprise Danielle at her college graduation.  Time flies!  We had to take pictures to send to Liz in her absence. And I had to take a picture of his hot rod car to send to my husband.  Their fish fries are always the best.

Homemade cheescake for birthday cake?  Yes, please!  Key lime pie as option #2?  A small slice of both, please. Ivory being our little helper.  Our dainty little lady just wanted the blueberry topping, please.  Ivory being her sulky little self + Ivory makes a friend.  She's fascinated with hair.  Micah Man was being his sweet, super silly self.  Love this kid...even if his favorite word is, "NO!"  My poor baby woke up at 4am throwing up and continued every 10 minutes until 7am.  He was so pitiful, he kept falling asleep and then waking up after only a few minutes to throw up again.  Oh how hard it is to see your babies suffer in any way.  Cornhole games did commence with enthusiasm. While the girls shopped on Saturday our friends began traveling to Florida!  Here Gom Gom + Tim enjoyed some hotel bed jumping. 
We were excited to go with my sister + her family to church on Sunday.  Love having such great sisters.  Then, Sunday afternoon Lynne + Timothy arrived with Tim's grandparents!  Tim was a little shy at first.  But the whale pool helped break the ice.  And what better way to enjoy the water then in your Sunday best?  Gom Gom getting her some Korban loving.
On Tuesday we rode to Homosassa State Park to see the animals (basically a small zoo with animals native to the Florida region).  Sadly, Ivory threw up only 15 minutes into the trip so we turned back around and she stayed at home with Pa + Timothy's PawPaw.  Thankfully, she didn't get sick again and was happy to enjoy time receiving Pa's undivided attention. Micah + Korban with the Florida Manatee + Gorilla (Micah was more interested in climbing then taking another picture by this point).  Boat ride to the park!
Tim + Gom Gom admiring Florida wildlife. The boat ride put Korban right to sleep. Our Moms raised us five girls together (my mom her two + Beth her five).  It's so.much.fun to now be raising our kids together.  Wouldn't be a Florida zoo without alligators.  These were huge and close.  There were lots of beautiful native Florida birds.  A huge owl + three gorgeous bald eagles. This picture is for Ivory who is enthralled with flamingos.  Hate that she missed seeing them in person!  Pelicans!
Micah really enjoyed the animals.

Seeing the "tractor" was possibly Micah's favorite part of the whole trip, though he was quite disappointed when it shut down shortly after our arrival.

How tall are you compared to a Florida black bear? 
Gom Gom trying to convince Tim to stand by the bear.  Gom Gom + Lynne Micah petting the Florida panther. Otter pool The 57-year-old hippo that Governor Lawton Chiles made a Florida citizen.

Grandma + Micah enjoyed quality time together.

The trip worke sweet Korban out and he slept most of the ride home--hooray for no screaming! 
The next day Lynne + I snuck away for a girls day of more shopping + lunch.  We also took a quick trip to the fabric store to get some Florida Gator fabric.  Fabric heaven.

The cost of our all day getaway was a small price to pay--the grandparents went out for dinner when we arrived home.  Lynne enjoyed lots of Korban snuggles that night.   Sadly, while we were gone Timothy got sick.  And no, the stories of sickness doesn't end here.
Such mischevious little faces. Micah + Tim enjoying the little table Grandma bought. Our little blue-eyed artist. Super Tim frequented our home often during the stay.

Love that we got this picture of Papaw + Korban.  We have almost the exact same photo of him holding Micah asleep on him at only a 2 months old. Thursday we spent a day in the sun visiting Cooter Pond.  Lynne + the boys.  Lynne is such a natural at this mom business.  I *loved* spending a week being Mom alongside this sweet, talented Mom.  Why does Indiana have to be oh so far away?!
We met a native who takes it upon himself to show all visitors where all the alligators reside.  We were thrilled to see many gators, small + large, as well as ducks. Lynne + Tim spotting a little gator.
The kids love their grandma. Since we were on vaca we headed to McDonalds after Cooter pond.  When we got home + after naps we spent some time chillaxin in the Florida sunshine. 
Tim warmed up to Korban.
Our sweet Korban. Korban enjoying some love from Pa.  Ivory enjoying a storybook and some of Pa's popcorn on our last night there. Micah enjoyed Pa's popcorn, too.
Back to the sickness.  I began getting sick mid week and was afraid my bout with bronchitis was returning.  Thanks to rest + good meds + returning to a dust-free environment it didn't get that bad and we were headed home on Friday.  Not before Micah threw up that morning.  Waited an hour and left.  Five minutes down the road, Micah threw up.  Again. I said a prayer, held my breath (literally), and were off.  We took a short break at Old Navy + then Panera for a bagel + a smoothie (per Ivory's request).  Who wouldn't want to travel with these three cuties?  Yes, pictures are quite deceptive.  They are cute...just not this angelic. Thankfully Micah slept some of the trip relieving me for a time from, "Micah's hitting me!  Micah, please stop, please stop, PLEASE STOP!!!"    And Korban cried much less and slept much more. Of course, it was a relief to arrive at home.  But, not a relief to discover shortly after our arrival that Korban has a fever of 102.  More on that in the next post.  Oh sickness, why do you plague us?

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