Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Many Faces of Korban

Love reminscing about my littlest man as he is now officially 6 months old.  My baby is growing so very fast.  He measured tall and a little skinny at his last appointment, but that explains his excessive desire for nursing these past few days. Can we say growth spurt?

Korban's newborn photos by debra eby photography

He smiles + squirms constantly.  He loves to roll and roll and roll.  He's learned to flip his bouncer backward.  He leans completely forward in his swing to the point of almost tumbling out.  I watch him like a hawk in his bumbo seat so he doesn't lean all the way out.  So, pretty much the floor, crib, or playpen are the best options right now.  His precious personality and winning smiles win all who meet him.  Yes, he's as sweet as he looks.  Korban has two bottom teeth and is a thumb sucker.  I know we will most likely regret it later, but it sure looks cute right now.  Feel free to fall in love, we have.

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