Thursday, April 19, 2012


Some people wonder how I learned to sew, or why I enjoy it so much.  It's in my blood.  Here my mom, Diana, stands having her dress fitted by her grandmother.  And for the first time I see myself in my mom's baby picture.  My cheeks + eyes looked just like hers.  I also see my daughters's cheeks and eyes. 

We could post similar photos of my mom fitting my sister + me in Easter, Christmas, and other special occasion dresses.  Here I fit Ivory for her Easter dress (April 2011).

So the question I guess is more, how can I NOT sew?  I love it.  It's in my blood.

And I think I know why I love it.  I read this quote and immediately identified with it.

"A woman should do at least one thing a day that does not become undone." 

Or something to that effect.  And no, I can't remember which blog I read it on or who said it.  I completely relate to and embrace this idea.  That's why I like sewing.  Unlike my other household chores, cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing, dressing, etc. my sewing stays.  And that feels oh so good.  So, go and enjoy your one "undone" thing today!

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