Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sibling Love

I cherish the way our children have welcomed Korban into the family with arms wide open.  They love and adore their little brother so. 

I pray that our kids will always have a strong sense of family and that they will always love and cherish their siblings.  This is a difficult season for this as Ivory is maturing so rapidly and Micah is fast approaching the terrible twos.  While Ivory becomes more content to play alone, create, and use her imagination, Micah becomes increasingly needy for attention, enjoys demanding his rights, yelling no, and hitting every one + every thing that crosses his path.  This proves to be especially challenging for sibling harmony, but not impossible.  I love how quick Micah is to apologize and Ivory to forgive.  When they hug and make up my heart swells. 
While some believe sibling rivalry to be the norm I don't believe it has to be.  Christ calls out Christian brothers + sisters not to quarrel, so why would I allow it within our family?  I believe kindness + love to be essential toward every person they encounter.  And what better way to prepare my children for life and marriage where they will encounter conflict + challenging people on a daily basis.

I would never claim to be an expert in creating sibling harmony, however I know the Prince of Peace and pray that He will guide our home in His love and peace.

My mom always said that most friends will come and go but siblings stay.  This has been so true for me and I'm so grateful for the friendship I have with my siblings.  I desire this same blessing for my children.

So, while we're striving for this we'll keep breaking up fights and promoting love...for as long as it takes. 

It won't be long before monkey-see-monkey-do will triple itself in our home.

all photos by debra eby photography

Take your time sweet Korban, don't grow up too fast sweet baby boy.

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