Monday, April 23, 2012

Love Story

I love how my sister captures the joy, fun, excitement, and crazy of our marriage in this picture. 

by debra eby photography

Jason went out of town last weekend with our teenagers for state Bible Drill. Every time my husband has to leave for an overnight trip I always get *extra* sentimental.  This trip was no exception.  One night without my sweetheart is one night too long.

The irony of our love story is that you could say I was a little, well, cynical before falling in love with this man.  Don't get me wrong, I wanted sappy, beautiful love stories to be true, but I just wasn't sure they were possible.  This wild, romantic man of mine won me over and dashed all my cynicism to pieces.  I'm so glad.  Never would I imagine a love story like ours.

Source: via Lee Ann on Pinterest

It's been bumpy and challenging but never once have I wished that we hadn't married.  For this I feel wildly blessed.

Everyone's blessings look different, today I'm especially grateful for my blessing named Jason.

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