Monday, December 5, 2011

When You're the Best of Friends

Ivory + Micah are truly becoming the best of friends.  It's adorable.  Every day I think they get cuter together. 

Micah tried out the big boy bed (trundle) in the same room as Ivory.  More giggling, playing, and waking in the same room then actual sleeping.  After 3 nights of not falling asleep until 10:30pm AFTER being separated (normally 7:30 for Micah, 8:00 for Ivory) we decided to put Micah to bed, wait for him to fall asleep then put Ivory in bed.  Well, that was working great until Micah climbed up on sister's bed and woke her at 5:30AM (normal wake time 7 or 8AM).  He also woke her up from nap time sitting next to her head sweetly patting her back.  Ivory wasn't too impressed--neither was Mom + Dad, as adorable as it is.  They're just so very EXCITED to be together to "sleep."  So, we set up the play pen for Micah to sleep in.  Now he at least can't climb on top of her to wake her.  Only scream....

Ivory is obsessed with combing, combing, combing her fair tresses and putting clips in them.  Micah just loves being close to big sister and doing what she does.  The other day I was getting ready in the bathroom and they sat on the little white stool side by side just watching.  Then, Ivory asked Micah to sit on her lap.  He got up, waddled over and sat--so.cute.  Then, Ivory sat on Micah's lap.  I almost stopped her, but she might weigh less then him, he's quite the chunker these days. 

I dropped the kids off at class Wednesday night and asked Ivory if she'd look out for Micah.  Her reply,  "Yes.  If he goes away I will say, 'Come here, Micah.' [said ever so sweetly]  He can sit next to me so I don't lose him."  Love it. 

They adore making each other laugh and feed off each other so much.  Anything becomes a game, banging silverware, hands, cups, etc., sounds with their mouths (mostly screaming), running, chasing, laughing, throwing, etc. 

The other day Ivory made Micah her baby and was spoon feeding him peas (aka empty spoon).  "Micah, Micah, Micah, come sit on the pillow.  No, Micah.  ON the pillow.  Micah!"  He finally sits on the pillow and submissively eats his peas.  He's so patient.

Ivory, "We are going to the palace!"  She's decked out in her plastic princess heels, Cinderella dress, and jewelry.  Micah follows closely behind with his multiple strands of mardi gras beads.  He's rocking the Mr. T look...or maybe my husband just says that to feel better.

Today Micah played at Addie's house with baby dolls, a compact he used to put make-up on himself and the girls, jewelry, and a purse.  We need to find him some boy playmates.  With lots of GI Joes and trucks according to Dad. 

Micah has his sweet nurturing side that comes out with babies and when he gives sweet hugs and says "Loooove you" in sign language (crossing his hands over his front turning side to side).  He also has his ALL BOY side.  Obsessed.  Obsessed with balls.  Any and everything round is meant to be thrown in Micah's book.  And thrown over and over and over--throughout the day.  He will still play fetch with someone else or by himself for at least 20 minutes a day, usually mutliple times a day.  He loves cars + trucks.  Running + hitting are also favorites.  Sword fighting with Dad (Ivory loses interest too quickly) and pretending to "die" (which he does very dramatically) is a blast.  He also loves to eat.

Right now the are currently playing in ever so happily together.  Some times they're content to just play beside each other, mostly with each other, and other times it's lots of fighting.  But they truly are the best of friends--and I love it.  I pray they'll always be so.

Korban has daily becoming calmer and more content--praise God!  He is extremely sensitive to Mama's milk.  No beans (minus green beans), dairy, spicy foods, onions, coke, + coffee, for this girl.  Have to watch excessive intake of rice, dark lettuce, broccoli (causes gas) + tea.  Jason + Micah are gluten intolerant (still exploring to what level).  Meal planning is fun these days...

While I wanted to find a way to calm this sweet boy I guess I was secretly hoping the answer wasn't no dairy.  I was allergic to dair for most of my childhood and somehow I survived it never really growing to love cheese, chocolate, etc. because I never really had the chance to acquire a love for it (thanks to my Mom catching the allergy soon--thanks, Mom!).  Well, some time during my pre-teen years God healed me of that allergy.  Since that time I have grown to LOVE me some dairy.  Chocolate + Cheese = love affair.  But, his comfort is totally worth the sacrifice.  And my higher level of sanity + rest these days is not so bad, either.  I knew he was needy because of discomfort, I'm so glad to be able to help with that.

We also made another visit to the chiropractor.  Since that time he's less fussy (that combined with my diet) and he has started having bowel movements on his own (something that hadn't happened for several weeks without help)!  I know, I know, the things Moms get excited about.  I'm just so grateful to see him happy + content.  He seems to enjoy watching brother and sister play and will now lay for up to 40 minutes(!!!) at a time without being held.  He mostly cries if he's lightly scratched (this one def has the lowest pain tolerance of my three...something he'll probably have to get over growing up with this wild bunch) or if he wants to go to bed.  Yes, he cries to be laid down.  Then stops crying, and goes to sleep.  Like his brother Micah.  Oh yes, you may take this opportunity to rejoice with me!

He has ceased to sleep for his 6-8 hour stretches (they were heavenly), but his more pleasant demeanor and comfort level is a better trade.  And he does sleep in 3-4 hour stretches at night and no longer wakes in the middle of the night to fuss for an hour or more post nursing so there's no complaining here on that front.

Ivory + Micah still love checking on their little brother when he cries, bringing him his pacifier, and sweetly patting him on the back.  They enjoy talking to him and trying to bring him in on their fun.  It won't be long and he'll be joining the bff club.  =)

Ending this post with smiles as I watch Ivory hop through the house so proud of herself (her recent achievement) and Micah follows behind walking akwardly as he attempts to imitate her...not so happy he's throwing spoons and they both "drew" on the wall with their spoons.  I've yet to survey the damage.  Mom, "No, don't do that, Ivory.  That's bad.  It will scratch the walls."  Ivory, "They're already scratched."  Fun times. 

"Ivory, don't run with the spoon in your mouth, that's dangerous!  Micah, don't close that door!"  [slam!]


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