Thursday, December 8, 2011

5th Wheel Fun

Grandma + Pa's fifth wheel is parked here so Jason's family could stay in it for Thanksgiving and they could return to stay in it for Christmas.  They kids *love* going in the fifth wheel to play...and it might have something to do with the storehouse of juice boxes + gummies Grandma + Pa left for them.
Micah enjoys showing off his ninja fly swatting skills and checking on his baby brother. Ivory trying to convince Mom that she needs to play with these post it notes left by Pa.  It didn't work.  I know Pa, it would have worked with you with one bat of those little lashes.  Sucker.

It's okay, she has plenty of other goodies to play with including quite the elaborate play dough set-up.
It's like going on a little trip...without having to go anywhere.  Nice.

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