Saturday, December 17, 2011

What's On Your Phone?

Mobile phone from the last three months.

Micah enjoying his chocolate cupcake at a youth event. Wheelbarrow fun with Daddy! The beautiful sunset on the coast that Jason and I enjoyed on a date before Korban made his big entrance. Ivory very proud--she dressed herself!

Entertaining the kids so daddy could sleep in the Saturday morning before Korban arrived (Korban was born on Sunday). Snuggles with my little ones.

Trade-up! My newest snuggle buddy.

Sweet little man riding to introduce Korban to Mamaw.
Car riding buddies
Micah likes to rock the Mr. T look with his mardi gras beads.  Ivory sports an outfit cousins Alex + Bella used to wear.  Love how each outfit holds special memories.
Ivory was my shopping buddy at the grocery store and afterwards we went on a date to Chik-fil-a! We had such fun one-on-one girl time.

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