Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Celebrity Sighting

Korban is like a little celebrity in this home.  The kids adore him.
When I lay him on a blanket this is what they do.  Micah enjoys walking circles around him.  He also loves patting him, giving him his pacifier when he cries as he tells me Korban needs it, hugging him, and laying his head on him as he says, "Baby" (with a high pitched, sweet voice).  He is also learning to say Korban's name, "Kor, Kor!"  So cute.

Ivory love to check on him, give him his pacifier when he cries, feeding him bottles when Mommy is gone, calming him in the car, and reading him stories.  I pray my kids always love each other like they do now....and that the fighting only gets in less. =)

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