Friday, December 9, 2011

Kid Qwips

October 2011

Grandma warning Ivory not to drink the liquid in a glow stick because its dangerous and could make her very sick.
Ivory:  “Will I get better?”
Grandma:  “Maybe not.”
Ivory:  “Well, then I’ll just have to go to heaven and get better.”

Ivory visits MikeMike’s.  “MikeMike, you preach really good.” 
<dramatic pause> 
“Most of the time.”

Ivory & Aunt Debi on a butterfly hunt. 
Aunt Debi:  “Oh my word!” 
Ivory:  “Aunt Debi, you shouldn’t say that.  Well, you shouldn’t say that sometimes.  Sometimes my daddy says dangit when he’s in trouble.”
Aunt Debi: “What do you say then?”
Ivory:  “Well, sometimes I say ‘No ma’am.’”

Daddy and Ivory discussing how everyone’s hands are different and how special each person is and made uniquely by God.  Ivory, “Like the man with the big head and trash in his pocket!  At the football game.  He was silly and he was laughing and he was happy!  He had glasses.” 

Ivory’s new saying when she goes potty, “Mom, if I can’t go potty can I just deal with it?”

November 2011

Micah sitting in time out for whining and throwing his cup.  Ivory kneels on the floor beside him and begins quietly instructing, “There’s no whining or throwing or screaming in this house.  It’s not acceptable.” 

Ivory leans over during Brother Mike’s sermon, “Mom, why does Jesus like money?”  Try answering that in a theologically understandable quiet manner to a three-year-old in the middle of a sermon…

Ivoy “reading” her New Testament, “And they had a FIRE!!” Walks over to Mom, “See Mom, it’s fire.”
Mom:  “Yes, that does look like fire.  That word is first.  How did you know what the word fire looks like?”
Ivory: “It’s very blue and green.  But this is a different kind of fire.”

December 2011

Mommy, “Ivory, are we going to have a better day tomorrow?”
Ivory, “I might just crack up.  But if I cry a little and crack up I will try to hold it together.”
Mommy, “Thank you, Ivory.”

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