Wednesday, December 7, 2011

6 Week Check-Up

...for Mom.  Last week I went in for my 6 week check up and got a clean bill of health.  Hooray!  I actually snuck away with only 1 child (thanks, sweetie!) and while I really missed taking them in their cute little matching brown gingham outfits and showing them off (yes, I'm vain like that), it was nice to handle the visit with only one sweet, sleepy boy. 
The staff + my midwife are so very sweet at my OB office.  They always compliment me or the kids and say something kind + encouraing.  I'm really grateful to have an office as wonderful as this one!  When I get my act together I plan to bake goodies to bring as a thanks for helping bring my 3 babies into the world.  3.  Yes, I can't believe we have had 3 go through that office in only 4 years. 

The other day I was telling Jason how I want to do this gender reveal party for our fourth (inspired by this post) and he looks at me and says, "Fourth?  I still can't believe we have three."  Don't read this wrong, he wants more kids just like I do, he just wants me to slow down on the planning. =)  I am a little bit of an over-planner.  But, look at the post and tell me that wouldn't be fun?!  Don't be looking for an invite anytime soon, though.  Give us a few years.

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kaylee said...

congrats girl they're all so beautiful! i can't believe u already had 3. lol.