Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Sunday

Micah + Korban before Sunday School.  Micah still loves his little brother--so sweet. Micah went to Sunday School for the first time!  He joined Ivory in Cassie's class.  My kids love Miss Cassie + Mrs. Tonia!
No more crying evey Sunday when Daddy leaves for Sunday School with Ivory and Micah is left behind.
Korban gave Daddy smiles after church!  I couldn't quite catch the full smile on camera, but here's a hint of it.  Ivory loves monopolizing Nana's time with fun playtime. Ivory's favorite ornament this year--it's the one she's allowed to take on and off the tree as much as she wants.  Love my red-hot-hottie!  Ivory is very creative at inventing games.  Here she found "treasures" and her and Daddy would take turns hiding + finding them.

Sadly, everyone had to say goodbye Sundy afternoon to get back to work + school.  Sad times.  Thanks for coming everyone! 

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