Sunday, April 24, 2011

Uncle Matt Came to Visit

So, of course, we went to the park.

Where Ivory climbed this by herself for the first time...near Mommy's watchful arms.

Ivory sang as she marched on the "B-I-B-L-E bridge."

Micah enjoyed the playground more then ever climbing, crawling, laughing.

Micah loved the slide all over again.

And it looks like Uncle Matt did, too.

Ivory demanded Uncle Matt be her shadow.

Uncle Matt willingly obliged.

Micah discovered a new, very fast slide and Mommy's heart skipped a beat.

The slide was much better with Daddy.

The kids enjoyed swinging.

All of them.

As the sun set we headed home.

With some tired out squirts.

We then packed up our bunch and head to Joe Mama's Pizza for the house salad and pizza.

Micah was a little camera shy.

But, Ivory was happy to pose for long as she could see herself in the little flip screen.

Which then caught Micah's he obliged me for a photo.

Saturday we went to the beach.  But, I left my camera in the car...and was too lazy to go get it.  Gorgeous weather, lots of fun, giant sand turtle, small sand pool of water, lots of pictures.  Guess you'll have to use your imagination.  Saturday evening, resurrection cookies!  Look for the post soon coming.

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Sarah M. said...

There is nothing wrong with grown adults playing at the park.
Just ask Harmony and Hallie. :)