Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Dress

We went for a morning the Easter dress.  That Ivory clearly loves, "I put it on, I look like Cinderella!"

Debi, your lion hunt / photo shoot concept inspired...and may have even been incorporated.

Our first discovery:

Looking for Elmo in my camera.

Found him! This girl has great imagination.


Do you hear that growling?

Accessories complete every outfit.

Sneaking past the lion around the fence.

I used an old curtain of my mom's (the pale blue fabric) and some lace left from my friend Melissa's wedding.  The pearls are mine and the cross charm I added was my Mom's.

During the photo shoot I discoverd some things I needed to "tweak" on the dress.  The top of the dress by the sleeves in the front and back was stitched so it no longer drapes forward, same with the lace flower on the blue satin band.  Now it's in perfect condition for the Easter morning celebration of our risen Savior.  And yes, we definitely know it's not all about the clothing...but who doesn't love an excuse to dress a little girl up in lace and frills?


Debra Eby said...

Are you kidding me? You are ridiculously talented, woman. My camera is yelling at me telling me you're too far wants to capture that beauty. Missing you today and remembering all the special Easters we've celebrated.

Darla said...


Sarah M. said...

Absolutely stunning!! I envy your talent!