Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Ivory sitting on the potty touches Mommy’s arm declaring, “You’re like pee-pee and Daddy’s like poo-poo!”

Ivory shows me her Veggie Tales stickers then turns around saying, “I’m a veggie! I’m a tomato.”

Ivory puts dirt in her tricycle bucket, gets on the tricycle, looks back at Mom and says, “That’s cute. That’s cute now.” then rides off (well, attempts to…she made it maybe a foot…still working on tricycle skills…).

Visiting our Sunday School teacher’s house Ivory announces she has to go poo poo. Daddy takes her and in the process discusses how it’s not the most polite thing to announce you need to go poo poo. Ivory replies, “But it’s okay to say pee pee. Everyone likes pee pee. Daddy likes poo poo, everyone likes pee pee.”

Daddy “interviewing” Ivory one night.
Daddy: “Ivory, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
Ivory: “Micah.”
Daddy: “How tall are you going to be when you grow up?”
Ivory: Stands up, reaches her hands as high as she can, “THIS big.”
Daddy: “How long will your hair be when you get big?”
Ivory: “Hmm, 30 days.”
Daddy: “What should we call our baby?”
Ivory: “A girl.”
Daddy: “What should we name a boy baby?”
Ivory: “Mr. Arlin.”

Snakes still make appearances often in Ivory’s dreams, but she’s comforted when we tell her Jesus will stomp the snakes out. He says He’ll crush the serpent’s head, right?

Micah loves having happy screaming matches with Ivory. He can perfectly match her pitch. Oh, joy!

Ivory, “Nina gonna have princess Tiana.” Mom, “Well, actually she’s having a little boy, Michael.” Ivory, “She gonna have Michael come out of her belly then Nina have Princess Tiana.” Had to call to tell Nina that one…

Ivory laying in bed one night playing with daddy’s hair pulls his hair back to expose his forehead, “Ah, that’s Uncle Matt!” Now she goes around pulling our/her hair back saying in a “deep” voice, “Hi, I’m Uncle Matt.”

Sitting on the porch watching Ivory "catch fish" with a stick. She just caught a ...leaf. "Look Mom, I caught a fish! I need to put it in water!"

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