Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun with Grandparents

Getting the mail with Pa. And picking flowers for Grandma in the process. Finding a vase for Grandma's flowers. Love watching my kids interact with their grandparents. If only Micah would leave my side for more then 5 minutes to do so...though, grandpa is the favored one this visit and has received some Micah snuggles. Carter chilling with Daddy. The adorable Carter bear. Ivory has heard us call him Carter bear all week so the other day when she was coming up the stairs and Grandma asked, "Who's that?" she replies, "Ivory Bear!" For clarification I asked, "Ivory Bennett?" She replies, "Ivory Bennett Bear." =) Ivory + Carter apparently enjoyed screaming together and hyping each other up while the girls were out shopping. Ivory and Carter have been doing really well together with a minimal amount of bossing from Ivory. Carter would probably find their relationship ideal if she'd stop chasing him for hugs...

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