Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Resurrection Sunday

This is how you'll find me any given Sunday, tottering in heels (I'm a little on the clumsy side...), balancing a baby on one hip and trying to keep Ivory from destroying her Sunday clothes before making it to Sunday School.

And fixing, re-fixing, adjusting, etc. all our clothing...and certain little ones behavior at times.

Family Easter picture

I love how the kids are looking at each other in this picture.

We actually stayed home for lunch (rare on a Sunday afternoon for us)...a hastily prepared pot of spicy tomato + chicken + pasta soup and garlic bread.  Soooo not really prepared on the Easter meal part of the day...who wants to cook when you can sew?!  After lunch the kids enjoyed some play time with the boys while I took pictures, rested and watched.

Micah LOVES playing ball. He catches and throws relatively well for an 11 month old.

Ivory and I had fun with self-portraits.

Then Ivory tried her hand at taking pictures...with help from Mom.

Sunday evening we went back to church for a fellowship dinner. One of the most precious women I have ever met is leaving our community to be with her family down south. SO. SAD. Love this woman--amazing, godly, faithful, joyful, generous. Just this morning she stopped by to give us a few things she found as she was packing that she thought we could maybe use. She came with a sweet friend we also know and love who also brought goodies for Mom + kids.  We are beyond blessed with a generous cirle of believers and friends.

So, here's Micah dressed up again, a little more casually, for Sunday night church.

These kids adore crawling all over their Dada.

It really was a beautiful weekend and we were glad Uncle Matt was able to join us for it. I was even more grateful that he took with him the sound system that's been sitting in our hall for months. Cheers for a clean, spacious hallway! Most of all, I felt priviliged to worship openly with fellow believers on the day we remember the resurrection of our living Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus is alive!

Did I mention the kids even SLEPT IN the following day?  ...just had to share another piece of joy!

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