Monday, April 4, 2011

Out of Town Wrap-Up

While at Grandma & Grandpa's Ivory enjoyed extended vacatations on the toilet as well as extensive relaxation in the tub. Thanks to Grandma's exciting bath color tablets (hence the yellow water), bath crayons, paints, and foam, the bath tub was one of the most exciting places to be, especially considering the rainy, tornadic weather we experienced.

This is supposed to be a smile...

Carter enjoyed Grandpa snuggles & story time while Mommy & Daddy went on a well deserved date.

Miniature of his daddy.

Thursday we finally got out of the house for a trip to Sonny's...once the tornado warnings lifted and we felt safe enough to walk outdoors. The kids were so well behaved! And so grateful to venture out for a bit.

I think we overwhelmed the waiters walking in with so many babies! But, they handled us with class and even won Ben over to the South with sweet tea drinks to go! I was shocked to look over and see Ivory's coloring paper. The best I've ever seen her color! I told Jason about it and he said that one day he told her, "Why don't you try coloring inside the lines?" He said she looked at him like, "I can do that. Great idea!" I had never thought to suggest it. She still loves free coloring and scribbles, but apparently she also colors quite nicely inside the lines when the occasion calls for it. =)

Ivory was SO WELL BEHAVED at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I was amazed, grateful, and am now ready to return...

Micah wasn't bad, just *extremely* clingy to mommy. Quite distressed when mommy was out of sight. He eventually warmed up to Pa and finally Uncle Ben, which gratefully gave mommy a slight break without too much distress on little man's part. I think he also missed his daddy. I caught him more then once saying, "Dadadada" looking around the room as if something was missing. He nearly ran to him when we arrived at home and he saw him across the lawn.

We came home on Friday afternoon and enjoyed some family time that evening. Micah & Ivory caught up on some Bobo, MikeMike, & Cassie time Saturday which allowed fur Jason and I to enjoy some much needed alone time. Our date included some delish food at Olive Garden.

While we considered a visit to the dollar theater, after a few other stops we were just so exhausted (well, mainly me) that the futon at home in front of our widescreen TV sounded incredibly appealing. Loved us some cuddle, rest time before picking up the kids and tucking them in their little beds. Grateful for my dear family, sweet husband, precious children, and generous friends.


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And some pictures Debi took of my gorgeous niece & her beautiful family:

Alexandra Reghan ~ Portrait

Robert & Sherri ~ Family Portrait

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Debra Eby said...

LOVED our time together, Bitsy. Only wish it were longer. Thank you for making the big trip and even surprising us by arriving early! Missing you so much.