Friday, April 1, 2011

Girl's Day Out

... + Micah. Heading out for some shopping at Wiregrass. You can see how much Micah enjoys the car. Larissa is a little angel in the car. And quite a beauty! Micah needed lots of love, encouragement, and physical affection from Mommy. My beautiful neice, Ally. Ally + Aunt Leah. My lovely sisters + our precious babies. Love me some sleeping babies. Larissa had a blast being spoiled by cousin Ally the whole afternoon/evening. Micah was a long as mommy was within sight or reach. He did decide to let us know on the ride home that he was completely DONE and wanted his BED...then he let me know his discomfort again from midnight to 3AM, until he woke his sister who was quite disturbed by his snoring. Slept through the wimpering and crying but woke up for the snoring. Really? Ivory, "Mommyyyyy! That noise?!" Oh well, it was worth it for the fun, fellowship, and good finds! A few pics of a few finds (pics taken in very poor night lighting...oh well!) Earrings = Forever XXI great accessories for awesome prices. Necklace = Charlotte Russe Striped Shirt/Dress = Bealls Outlet *love* their deals...especially on 15% off day for senior citizens (with mom) or the younger Friday club for me! (actually bought the day before when Debi, Ivory, Carter, Mom & I went shopping) My "when-my-fingers-swell-so-much-in-pregnancy-I-can't-where-my-wedding-bands" ring. 2 prego-friendly nautical striped shirts from the HUGE, two-story Forever XXI. Headband and another preg0-friendly shirt for steal of a price at Bealls Outlet (also bought the previous day). Great afternoon with my sisters, nieces + son!

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