Saturday, April 9, 2011

Recent Sewing

Been having some sewing fun the last few days

Inspired by this I bought this lovely knit fabric to make my own...which instead morphed into this. Not what I planned, but I love it.

A generous friend of my sister's passed on some brand new knit shirts (similar to this style...forgot to take before pics).  They were thick, soft, comfy.  But, they made me feel like a sack--they didn't really fit well.  I decided to see what I could do to make them more wearable and prego-friendly.  I am pleased with the results.

Cut off the sleeves, took the sides in (mainly in the bust), made flowers for the neckline with sleeve material, gathered the top shoulder seam, ruched the sides with elastic bobbin thread (more prego-friendly).

Cut off the sleeves, took in the sides, made neckline ruffle & yo-yo flowers from sleeve material, ruched sides with 1/4" elastic.

Cut off the sleeves, took in the slides, cut the sleeves shorter, re-sewed the sleeves, ruched the sides with elastic bobbin thread.  This shirt looks most like the original.

My mom gave me this 3/4 sleeve shirt post Micah's birth to play around with and adjust while I was trying to fit back in my old clothing. Well, I didn't get a chance to do anything with it until now. Basically just took it in on the sides and cut off the sleeves.

So, in a few days time nearly a weeks worth of new, prego-friendly shirts all for the low cost of $15 (cost of the knit fabric, the only thing I personally purchased...and I had buyers regret from the fabric's high cost--that was only a yard and a half at 30% off!  But, upon make the shirt I no longer regret it).  Can you tell I'm excited about my recently learned skill for side ruching?  I was excited about the bobbin thread method, but after examening a shirt I recently bought I discovered they used 1/4" elastic in the seam.  Even easier & better!  You can see the elastic thread option on the purple shirt and the 1/4" elastic on the yellow shirt.  Essentially the same effect, the latter option is just much easier and sturdier.

I also *finally* finished this project for a friend...we won't say how long ago she asked me to make this.  I'm blushing just thinking about how long it took me.  Hope she likes it anyways!

I also replaced a zipper on a dress I wore to Christina's baby shower.  The zipper decided to bust at church that evening...not good.  I was tearing apart another dress to remake into something else when I discovered the zipper was perfect for the other dress.  So, I bit the bullet and replaced the zipper.  Oh how I hate putting in zippers.  Especially in dresses where several seams must be matched.  Third times a charm...or at least good enough to satisfy.

Now, onto sewing curtains, remaking some skirts into maternity wear, and a whole slew of other projects on my "list" or stewing in my mind.  Happy those of you who sew!

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