Thursday, April 7, 2011


March 2011

Ivory & Mommy walking home one night from Bobo’s house. Ivory walked the entire way home looking up at the sky. “Ah, the moon! It’s walking! It’s following us home! It’s walking with us!”

In Sunday School Cassie & Mrs. Tonia were teaching about Jonathan & David and how they were friends. Cassie asked each of the kids who their best friend is. Cassie, “Ivory, who’s your best friend? Is it Addie?” Ivory, “Mommy.” Heart-melt.

Mommy calling Micah a baby. Ivory, “He’s not a BABY, he’s Micah Man!”

At the beach with Ivory surrounded by two-piece wearers, “Look, she’s wearing big girl panties! Oh, another big girl panties!”

April 2011

All tiny food is immediately set aside and dubbed "this for Micah!"  Grapes, carrotts, etc.

Ivory, “Princess Aurora baby in my belly! And Princess Aurora baby in Mommy’s belly and Princess Aurora baby in Daddy’s belly!”  Can you tell her who her favorite princess is?

Mom, "Ivory who was in your class at church tonight?"  Ivory, "Izzy & Tucker."  Mom, "Was Zeke in your class?"  Ivory, "Yes!  And he just wanted to go up and up!  And he's a BOY!  Did you know he's
a boy?  He is!"

Mom handing Ivory “kid scissors” Ivory gets all excited, “Oh! I’m a kid! I can use these—I’m a kid!” Next morning upon seeing her kid scissors, “Look, my kids!”
Mommy & Daddy putting Ivory to bed, Ivory leans over, strokes Mom’s arm saying, “You’re a cuuute girl.”

Woke up to Ivory calling for Mommy at 4:30AM. We go in to find she’s had a bad dream. Daddy & Mommy comfort her and remind her that Jesus is with her and stronger than everything. Ivory, “He throw the snakes outside? He throw them out!” Apparently the snakes were all on her biting her. She was so matter of fact about it though.