Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's on Your Phone?

Enjoying a post-potty victory gummy bear. Yay for big girl panties!

Ready for a mid-morning walk.

Joining us for the walk, our sweet friend, Addie (and her mom).

And just in case you missed it...Ivory accessorized herself for the walk--complete with bat ears, feather boa, and an orange coin purse. Excellent selection.

We visited a neighboring field with a sweet horse.

But he wasn't intersted in eating the girls weeds...or the piles of dead grass they kept throwing through the fence.

The house we think my parents need to buy...

Mom, Dad, see how much fun the girls are having??

Playing with daddy Monday evening. He sweetly cared for the kids most of the night so I could rest. He even ran to the store for milk. My hero!

This morning as I was about to head out for my morning walk with a friend we realized Jason had a hair appointment in the middle of my walk (he normally watches the kids) so we divided and conquered. I took Micah (he was awake) and he took Ivory. They were both great! Apparently Ivory was quiet as a mouse during the hair cut and then wanted to drive around with daddy for a while. Then they decided on a father-daughter breakfast date, so wound up at--where else? Of course, the donut shop. Ivory even branched out actually trying a new donut she picked out all by herself! Big deal for miss routine-schedule-routine-schedule fanatic. She'd thrive in the rigidness of the military routine.

Tonight we enjoyed some time with ZekeZeke...Ivory "enjoyed" some more lessons in sharing...and the consequences of not doing so...

All dressed and ready to go to town. I can already here mom and dad, "Girl, you aren't going out looking like THAT! You need about 5 mo inches on the bottom of that dress!" =)

Things are finally settling down a bit after our return home. I'm hoping to sneak in a little sewing time tomorrow when Micah's napping and Ivory's at a friend's. I'm so thankful for friends!

Oh, and I finished God's Smuggler. Incredible. Could hardly put it down. LOVE it. You must read it. So challenging, convicting, inspiring...wow. Get it. You won't regret it.

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