Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun with Aunt Mel

Aunt Mel brings fun things like Princess painting, tea cup measuring cups, and creates amazing play dough  creations...for Ivory to destroy.  No wonder Ivory loves Aunt Mel so much! =)

Aunt Mel also brought cute clothes! We love this dress.

And this smile even more.

Our happy little man.

Outside fun!

Yes, look who's standing! For short moments...before head diving into the small pool of water. So funny. He rolled right over and started playing again, what a trooper!

Cup of tea anyone?

Makes a great phone, too.

Little brother is so patient.

Tea party anyone?

Enjoying our time with Aunt Mel!

Went to the beach for a few hours and enjoyed the freezing beautiful weather. I'm a fair weather beach girl. Ivory is not the least bit phased by the cold and was constantly reminded NOT to put her feet in the water.  You know how it is...feet becomes shins, which then becomes waist...etc.

Beautiful sunset.

After the beach we headed to Peppers for a delish dinner.

Micah enjoyed it...even if he was exhausted.

This is Ivory's absolutely-fascinated-in-awe-expression. There was a mariachi band--SO fun!! Loved it.

Micah heard the band, tapped his hand on his leg to the beat and started "singing." So cute. After this they came by our table, talked to the kids and played the chicken dance for the kids complete with hand motions and a rooster crowing hand. Some softball girls joined them in dancing it out. Ivory *loved* it. Fun, fun!

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