Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Happenings

The only way I can explain my survival of this hard working day is the 11 hours of sleep I enjoyed the night before.  Yes, 11 hours.  We spent most of the day out on Friday so I was EXHAUSTED and went to bed at 8pm.  Thanks to daylights savings time, my kids schedule has been adjusted to a new wake up time of 7am.  Can you just rejoice with me for a moment and a prayer that it lasts?!

Finished up my shelf project. This meant several painting sessions. But, I'm a strange one who actually enjoys painting, especially when it's in the beautiful sunshine weather we enjoyed today. The kids enjoyed being outdoors, too.  Between coats we visited with church members working at the church, played with Mrs. Kay's chihuaha puppy, and the kids enjoyed a ride around the yard in the wagon.

Original shelf.

First coat of paint; pre-cut. I started this project back in January. I thought we'd have extra time on our hands to finish it up when my parents came to visit...before the plague hit our household and we were down and out for nearly a month.  So it sat on our porch for 2 months.  Jason finally had a few minutes to spare, wiped the layer of pollen off the yellowed shelf and cut it apart for me.

I then followed it up with a few more coats of paint, throwing in a few stools salvaged from the church shed.  The stools aid in Ivory's new pottying & hand washing process.  Can I just say again what a pleasant surprise this pottying experience has been these past few weeks?  We definitely have our moments and accidents, but really it is oh so exciting!  Thanks to Grandpa for the leftover paint from when he painted his cabinets.

When we brought it inside Jason braced the back of it so I could feel safe about Micah pulling up on them (which is his ultimate love these days) and the shelf & its contents not toppling over on him.  The idea is something simple to store a few books/toys/art supplies and so the kids could have a hard surface to play/draw/color/etc. on.  Ivory would usually prefer to stand then sit and I doubt Micah will be any different.  This provides the perfect little counter for them to stand at and commence in theses activities.  I'm super pleased!  I did get the books & such situated on the shelves tonight, I just forgot to get a picture!  Well, that and it was too late in the day for a decent one.  I promise to post one soon!

We are enjoying the bloom of spring.

Ivory enjoyed some Cinderella and chill time in the morning with a messy snack. We've had a long week and I think she needed some extra rest today.

The day included lots of laundry, some baking, cooking, cleaning, and sewing.

The kids enjoyed some play time together...when Ivory wasn't stealing toys from Micah. She now has a basket that holds the things she loses when she takes something from Micah or misuses something (mainly throwing things in tantrums). Today the basket was overflowing. And today was a pretty good day.

Overall, a great day.  Now I can hardly wait to fall into bed!

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