Monday, March 7, 2011

Top Of The Morning To Ya

Gotta love bedhead.

Loving grandma's muffins.

Little man is now pulling up on all the furniture and exploring via cruising.  If mommy is in the room all he's really interested in doing is crawling to my feet or standing by my chair to bang on the laptop or explore whatever it is I'm doing.  He still lights up when he sees daddy and nearly dives out of arms for MikeMike.  He's as sweet as ever and still very smiley.  Sister has taught him to shriek like her (a thrill for sure) and our house is full of all sorts of joys.

Ivory is still in the process of punishing us for leaving her to go to Orlando.  Not really, but she has been quite a handful since last Thursday.  We are re-establishing boundaries and dealing with constant meltdowns.  These times seem to come in waves.  I think we call it early PMSing?  When you're on a high with this girl boy is it fun, but man are the lows, low.  I'll be glad when we are back to our joy-filled wave.  On a sweet note, last night she heard MikeMike invite people to the altar during the invitation and she looked at me excitedly and asked to go pray.  Those moments definitely help us when later that night it's all screaming, demanding, whining and crying.  I suppose she'll eventually learn mommy and daddy do mean what they say...and have for 2.5 years...and will continue to...for being such a little smartie she can be slow...=)  Well, probably just stubborn.  A quality I know God has in mind for good, now to just pray that we can channel that in the right direction.

Well, happy Monday to you all!  I'm looking for ways to be Jesus to others in creative ways this week--will you join me?

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