Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunshine & Rainbows

Before heading out last Friday afternoon Ivory spent some time outside with Daddy. It's hard keeping a little girl clean & ready to go when she's outside with daddy...but the time is sweet for them and the results are beautiful.

She drew this all by herself!

We left to meet MikeMike, Bobo, Nina & Cassie out at some shops by the beach for lunch & an afternoon of browsing.

Once we met up with them the strollers stayed mostly empty...our kids are so sweetly spoiled.

I have a knack for catching Cassie at the perfect moment. She was seriously smiling 2 seconds before snapping this shot.

Ivory enjoyed her dragon ride.

Micah enjoyed watching.

There's a beautiful butterfly pavilion...but we were all too cheap to spend $3 a person to get in. We looked like little kids trying to peak through the glass to catch a glimpse inside.

Micah with his MikeMike & Nina with her Michael (her purse is sort of hiding her beautiful baby belly).

Of course we stopped by Motherhood. Ivory found the bellies to be fascinating and was determined that her and Cassie wear them. So, of course we had to take a picture!

Our sweet, happy boy.

Our energetic, funny girl.

Here's to hoping your day is filled with sunshine & rainbows!

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