Thursday, September 20, 2012

While Ivory's Away

While Ivory was away enjoying Nana + Grandaddy we enjoyed extra time with our boys.

Love love love this sweet moment between brothers. Micah enjoyed Ivory's Barbie computer + snacks in his Cars container.
He enjoyed wearing Ivory's pink Hello Kitty boots from Bella.

Nana texted me this picture from Ivory.  "I want Mommy to think I'm sun burnt." 
Daddy took Micah to the beach with MikeMike and family.
I decided to take Micah grocery shopping with me on the big once a month trip.  That was a good idea for one store...a slight struggle for the second.
Though he did enjoy the fish. Sweet boy. Baby Einstein working its magic. Daddy + his boys Micah + Mommy snuggles
We really missed our girl, but I'm glad she has grandparents who love her so much and that she enjoyed so much she asked to stay with even longer.  But boy were we glad when we got our sweet girl back!

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