Thursday, September 27, 2012

Here's to Exercise

Exercise + Consistency = Me


But I'm trying.  Again.  So, here's to exercise + dieting!

Walking with my trio.   The first try with Korban in the baby Bjorn.  Tough workout.
Second try: triple kid stroller.  Much better.  Still a good workout, but much better.

This is how we roll. One day Daddy went with us on a walk with a stop at Mrs. Rossie's + the Library.
One morning I took the big kids for a bike ride while Korban slept in (night crying will do that to you...).  It was actually a little chilly that morning! We can just barely squeeze all three into the bike cart.  Time to look for a bike seat!
I've enjoyed getting the kids out of the house and burning a few calories + building some muscles to boot.

But this whole calorie-countind/dieting business is for the birds.  Trying to get creative with my snacking...

Food and I have had a long time love affair.  I think food currently feels cheated.  Fortunately, my body doesn't!  I'm excited to see small steps to possibly returning to the pre-baby me.  Don't laugh.  It doesn't hurt to dream.  Maybe at least buttoning my favorite jeans with ease?


Jessica Williams said...

Are you serious??!!! Your body is awesome! Seriously, I wish that mine would bounce back like yours! Maybe when Im done with this class we could exercise together??? :)

Sierra Newby said...

you don't need to diet! And thats what i do too, put both kids in one stroller till i find a cheap 2 seated stroller. and lovely pic of Micah *perfect timing